“I wanted to return something to my people”: Jess Dávila

Self-taught sculptor, Jess Dávila, pride of Huachinera, Sonora, says that his main interest in bequeathing is not the sculptural work he created, but to sow the artistic seed in children and youth of the Sierra Alta del Estado area. “What interests me the most is to give the direction to these children, and there are young people who follow up […]
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Jess Dávila: the art of sculpting Sonora with love

Simplicity, discipline and love for work have placed Jess Dávila on high. The renowned international sculptor 15 years ago decided to leave everything in the United States and return to his native Huachinera, a town in the highlands of Sonora 249 kilometers from Hermosillo. After living in California, polishing his name as an artist in New Mexico and touring important […]
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